How Prepared Is Your Company For A Pandemic?

Reply From Mr Raj Singh – Director and Founder Of Safety@Work Consultancy

A viral outbreak can potentially affect business operations and incur opportunity costs. As consultants in the areas of health, safety and the environment, we believe that simple measures can be adopted to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for our employees.

These measures include having a temperature check at the start of the day, mandating the use of face masks or even asking employees who do not feel well to stay at home.

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Lorries as Transport

Stiffer penalties to ensure safer ride for workers. Penalty for 1st offence of ferrying excess workers is $500, up from $200

Starting from 1 September, the height of a seated worker cannot exceed 1.1m from the cargo deck, and those who breach this rule will be fined $200. Those caught ferrying too many workers on the cargo decks can also be fined $500 the first time they are booked. Right now, the initial fine is $200.

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